Thomas Rowlandson, 1757 - 1827

"The fat and handsome women with the rustic seductiveness of her healthy flesh, with her mien at the same time grave and sly, with her joyous skin ... But it must be said that, how desirable she may ever be, the women of Rowlandson is merely animal, without complications of the mind that interest." -- Joris Karl Huysmans

" ... he manufactures his humorous ware with such increasing vigor, that I know not what to compare his prolific fancy to, unless it be to the increasing population." -- Mathew Mitchell, friend.


The Swing

French Musicians at their morning Rehearsal

College Refreshment

The Harem

The Swings

The Inspection

Lonesome Pleasures

The Operation

The Happy Huntsman

The Miser

The Citizen

The Curious Wanton

The Gallop

The Wanton Frolic
The Willing Fair


As excerpted from:

  • The Erotic Illustrations of Thomas Rowlandson
    Gert Schiff, USA, Cythera Press, ©1969