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Thus in the zenith of my lust I reign,
I eat to swive and swive to eat again.
Let other monarchs, show their scepters bear
To keep their subjects less in love than fear;
Be slaves to crowns, my nation shall be free;
My pintle only shall my sceptre be.
My laws shall act more pleasure than command,
And with my prick I'll govern all the land.


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As I can now feel such an impressive tool
That's opening up the edges of my quim
I wish I was nothing but quim
And that you were all tool.

If I was quim and you were tool
For a whole I'd sate my quim
While you would strip my quim
Of all pleasures wanted by a tool
So take the good wishes of this quim

You too. Take from this modest tool
The same good wishes. Lower the quim
And I will raise the tool.
Then on my tool
Go made with your quim,
I will be all tool. You - all quim.


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Awake my Fanny! Leave all meaner things:
This morn shall prove what rapture swiving brings!
Let us (since life can little more supply
Than just a few good fucks, and then we die)
Expiate freer o'er that loved scene of man,
A mighty mazem amazing for mighty pricks to scan;
A wild, where Paphian thorns promiscuous shoot,
Where flower the monthly rose, but yields no fruit.
Together let us beat this ample field,
Try what the open, what the overt yield,
The latent tracks, the pleasing depths explore,
And my prick clapp'd where thousands were before.

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Happy spark of heavenly flame!
Pride and wonder of man's frame!
Why is pleasure so soon flying?
Why so short this bliss of dying?
Cease, fond pego, cease the strife,
And yet indulge a moment's life.

Hark! cunt whispers. Don't she say,
Brother pego come away?
What is this absorbs me quite,
Seals my senses, shuts my sight,
Drowns my spirits, draws my breath?
Tell me, my prick, can this be death?

Now you recede, now disappear!
My eye looks round in vain; my ear,
Fanny your Murmur rings:
Lend, lend your hand! I mount! I die!
O Prick, how great thy Victory?
O Pleasure, sweet thy stings.


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Tullia replies, my dear Octavia, you,
That I can teach, shall every secret know.
Come this way, I've a pretty engine here,
Which used to ease the torments of the fair;
And next those joys which charming Man can give,
This best a woman's passion can relieve.
This dildo 'tis, with which I oft was wont
To assuage the raging of my lustful cunt.
For when cunts swell, and flow with strong desire,
'Tis only pricks can quench the lustful fire;
And when that's wanting, dildoes must supply
The place of pricks upon necessity.
Then on your back lie down upon the bed,
And lift your petticoats above your head;
I'll show you a new piece of lechery,
For I'll the man, you the woman be.
Your thin transparent smock, my dear remove
That last blessed cover to the scene of love,
What's this I see, you fill me with surprise,
Your charming beauties dazzle quite my eyes!
Gods! what a leg is here! What lovely thighs!
A belly too, as polished ivory white,
And then a cunt would charm an anchorite!
Oh! Now I wish I were a man indeed,
That I might gain thy pretty maidenhead,
But since, my dear, I can't my wish obtain,
Let's now proceed to instruct you in the game;
That game that brings the most substantial bliss;
For swiving of all games the sweetest is.
Open wide your legs, and throw them round my back,
And clasp your snowy arms about my neck.
your buttocks then move nimbly up and down,
Whilst with my hand I thrust the dildo home.
You'll feel the titulation by and by;
Have you no pleasure yet, no tickling joy?
Oh! Yes, yes, now I faint, I die.


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