And now the Whores!


Abbess, or Lady Abbess: a bawd, or mistress of a brothel.

Athanasian Wench: A forward girl, ready to oblige every man that shall ask her.

Aunt: Mine aunt; a bawd or procuress; a title of eminence for the senior dells. See DELLS.

Balcum Rancum: a hop or dance, where the women are all prostitutes.

Bat: A low whore: so called from moving out like bats in the dusk of evening.

Biter: A wench whose quim is ready to bite her arse: a lascivious, rampant wench.

Blowen: A mistress or whore of a gentleman of the scamp. "The blowen kidded the swell into a snoozing ken, and shook him of his dummee and thimble." transl: the girl inveigled the gentleman into a brothel and robbed him of his pocket book and watch.

Bunter: A low dirty prostitute, half whore and half beggar.

Buttock: a whore.

Buttock Broker: A bawd, or a matchmaker.

Buttock and File: A common whore and a pickpocket.

Buttock and Twang, or Down Buttock and Sham-File: A common whore but no pickpocket.

Cat: Common Prostitute

Cattle: Whores or gypsies.

Coffee House: A necessary house. To make a coffee house of a woman's quim; to go in and out and spend nothing.

Commodity: A woman's commodity: the private parts of a modest woman, and the public parts of a prostitute.

Convenient: A Mistress.

Covent Garden Nun: A Prostitute.

Covey: a collection of whores. "What a find covey hereis, if the devil would but throw his net!"

Crack: A Whore.

Crackish: Whorish.

Crinkum Crankum: A woman's commoditiy. See SPECTATOR (Which they have failed to make an entry for. Use your imagination, kids.)

Curtizan [sic]: A Prostitute.

Custom House Goods: The stock in trade of a prostitute, because fairly entered.

Cyprian: A Prostitute.

Dells: Young buxom wenches, ripe and prone to venery, but who have not lost their virginity, which the "upright" man claims by virtue of his perogative: After which they become free for any of the fraternity. Also a common strumpet.

Demimondaine: a kept woman; a mistress.

Dishclout: A dirty, greasy woman. See WHORE.

Doxies: She-beggars, wenches, whores.

Drap: A nasty sluttish whore.

Drury Lane Vestal: A woman of the town, or a Prostitute.

Easy Virtue: An impure woman; a Prostitute.

Fen: A bawd or common prostitute.

Fusty Luggs: A beastly, sluttish woman.

Hedgewhore: An itinerent harlot who bilks the bagnios and bawdyhouses by disposing of her favours on the wayside under a hedge. A low, beggerly prostitute.

Hoyden: A romping girl. See WHORE.

Laced Mutton: See WHORE.

Madame Ran: A Whore.

Miss: A kept mistress. A Harlot.

Mob, or Mab: A Wench or a Harlot.

Monosyllable: A woman's commodity.

Moon-Eyed Hen: A squinting whore.

Mother: A bawd.

Mrs. Warren: see WHORE

Public Ledger: A prostitute, because like that paper, she is open to all parties.

Queer Mort: A diseased strumpet.

Rantipole: A rude romping boy or girl; also a gadabout, dissipated woman. To ride rantipole; the same as riding St. George. See RIDING St. GEORGE. Also see WHORE.

Receiver General: A Prostitute.

Relish: Carnal connexion with a woman.

Riding St. George: The Woman uppermost in the amourous congress, that is, the dragon upon St. George. This is said to be the way to get a bishop.

Roger: To bull or lie with a woman; from the name of Roger being frequently given to a bull.

Romp: A forward wanton girl; a tomrig. See HOYDEN.

Scab: A worthless man or woman. Also see WHORE.

Scotch Warming Pan: A Wench; also a Fart.

To Screw: To copulate. A Female Screw: A common Prostitute.

Slattern: A woman sluttishly negligent in her dress.

Slut: A lewd or dissolute woman; a Prostitute.

Strumpet: A harlot.

Tart: pie, pastry, turnover, puff, Danish Pastry, French Pastry, Patisserie; Quiche, strudel, baklava, blintz, éclaire. Also a saucy whore.

Tomboy: A romping girl, who prefers the amusements used by boys to those of her own sex.

Town: A woman of the town: a prostitute.

Trapes: A slatternly woman, a careless sluttish woman.

Trollop: An unkempt, slovenly, low whore.

Trull: A ghostly monster, boor, lout, blockhead. A prostitute or mistress.

Trumpery: An old whore; or goods of no value.

Unfortunate Women: Prostitutes: so termed by the virtuous and compassionate of their own sex.

Wasp: An infected prostitute, who like a wasp carries a sting in her tail.

Well-hung: "The blowen was nutts upon the kiddey because he is well-hung." i.e.; the girl is pleased with the youth because his genitals are large.

Whore!: like they'd actually make an entry for this one, go figure ...